HAIR EXTENSIONS, I-Tip, 18" Straight, 100% Human (/Bundle)

HAIR EXTENSIONS, I-Tip, 18" Straight, 100% Human (/Bundle)
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Price $40.00

WIGPRO “SheerLocs” 18” Straight  I-Tip Hair Extensions 


Straight extensions come in Bundles with 24 Pcs per bundle.

Bundle prices are:

$40 for darker colors
$44 for color 10 or higher as well as blends
$48 for colors 27/613 and 613. 

I-tips are designed to be used with our 2.5mm inside diameter locs and can be attached with our StraightLocs™, FlareLocs™, SiliBeads™ or Shrinkies™. 

Human hair collected directly from a hair donor is Optimum Cuticle Hair. It is sometimes referred to as Cuticle Hair, Virgin Hair or Cut Hair. 

Optimum Cuticle Hair is collected, by appointment, directly from the hair donor. The hair is tied in one direction and then harvested leaving the cuticles intact and all flowing in the same natural direction. 

Since strands are cuticle correct and not coated, single strands are stronger, maintain elasticity and coloring results are more predictable.

Optimum Cuticle Hair is softer and has a finer feel to it. It colors naturally, and the most impressive advantage of Optimum Cuticle Hair is that it is tangle-free. 

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Available Colors:

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