StraightLocs™ #815: 2.2mm ID x 5mm

StraightLocs™ #815: 2.2mm ID x 5mm
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StraightLocs™ #815

2.2mm inside x 2.4mm outside x 5mm long
Copper Alloy
Cylindrical shape
Powder-Coated finish*
8 colors
Provided in Snip-n-Load™sleeves**
Quantities of 50, 250 or 1000 

FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING (within continental US with min purchase of $75) 

*Powder Coating is extremely durable, and will give you the assurance of knowing that the coating will not crack or peel. You save time and money by not needing to replace locs at maintenance. 

**Snip-n-Load™ makes hand loading your threader a thing of the past. You just snip off the end of the sleeve, insert your threader and pull it out, ...LOADED WITH THE LOCS YOU NEED.
And now it is easy way to know just exactly how many locs you have in stock; each Snip-n-Load sleeve contains 50 locs. (Sleeves dispensers are packed right here in the US.)


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